Tools, Templates, and Software Applications

While Nonprofit Organizations operate in different industries with different goals and objectives, they have common nuances amongst them which set them apart from “For Profit” businesses.   As such we have developed tools, templates and applications that specifically support our clients.

Client Customized Procedural Manual
The Customized Procedural Manual consists of the following 11 Chapters which address each of the financial internal control components:

•    Administration
•    Grants
•    Revenue
•    Consultants
•    Expenses
•    Payroll
•    Time and Attendance
•    Reconcilement/Asset Safeguards
•    Petty Cash

Each Chapter is supported by customized client forms and spreadsheets.  Via this Manual, clients and auditors are assured that a sound internal control environment exists over all financial transactions. 

The “Grant Tracker”
The Grant Tracker is a customized application that we have had built for our clients.   The purpose of the Grant Tracker is to ensure grant application due dates and monitoring report deadlines are not overlooked.  The Grant Tracker also provides a dashboard reflecting grant status which facilitates cashflow monitoring and the identification of late payments.

The “Asset Tracker”
The Asset Tracker is another customized application build for our clients.  The Asset Tracker reflects the physical inventory of all fixed assets.  The application tracks laptops borrowed by employees, land, buildings, vehicles and all other nonprofit assets.  The Asset Tracker facilitates the calculation of asset cost basis and depreciation and provides a control mechanism of asset disposal.  The application safeguards assets and ensures the proper reflection of asset values in the accounting system.

Policy Templates
We have templates that may be adopted by our clients that have been written by nonprofit attorneys surrounding investment policies, conflict of interest policies, whistleblower policies, and data retention policies.  These policies protect our clients and ensure parameters set forth in the IRS Federal Form 990 are met.