Marketing and Organizational Branding

Many nonprofits are consumed with their mission and cashflow and pay little if any attention to their marketing strategy and “brand.”  Add to this the fact that most nonprofit organizations are run by operational managers and mission experts as opposed to creative marketing strategists or graphic artists and you can see why marketing strategy is often neglected.

The Importance of a Marketing Strategy
An organization’s marketing strategy directly impacts the success of its mission and its fundraising activities.  An organization can’t serve its population base if the population targeted is unaware of the services it provides.  Likewise, research shows that the majority of donors give to one favorite charity.  In order to become a “favorite charity” donors first need to identify with your organization.

Marketing strategists vary in their recommendations of how a nonprofit should approach a marketing plan. For example, some strategists advocate targeting the world through social media campaigns and seeing what sticks, while others are adamant about focused targeting to distinct groups.
What most strategists do agree upon, however, is that a marketing plan is critical to reaching service populations and future donors.

Another seemingly unanimous recommendation by marketing strategists is a focus on branding as part of the marketing plan. An organization’s brand is directly related to how the organization is perceived by the people it serves and its funders.  A positive and welcoming brand can be the determining factor as to whether a homeless person walks into the shelter.  Likewise the perception about a brand may determine which organization a potential donor identifies with to make a donation.

Communication Mechanisms
A marketing plan includes communicating an awareness of the organization and its mission via various communication mechanisms such as the following:
Marketing Services Provided by Aurora
At Aurora we recognize the shortfall of marketing initiatives by a large number of our clients, mostly due to a shortage of time and financial resources.  Therefore, we have established a Marketing and Development Division to fill this gap.  We have hired in-house professionals to assist our clients in implementing marketing strategies which include branding, website development, social media campaigns and newsletters.
We can offer these services at discounted rates from market pricing given our volume of clients and the ability to spread our overhead costs amongst our varied service departments.  Our experts can provide: