Fundraising and Grant Writing

The Quandry
For fifteen years Aurora focused solely on accounting and financial management services.  During that time it became evident that a cycle exists that precludes some nonprofit organizations from growth.  The simple realization was that establishing a healthy and diverse funding program is not “funded” by typical grant awards and fundraising campaigns.  The vast majority of grant awards are specifically directed at program activities and do not allow dollars for fundraising costs.  Likewise, large donations are generally directed at program services.  As such, organizations cannot grow because they don’t have the funding necessary to raise funds!

Effective grant writers and professional fundraisers are often unaffordable for small and mid-sized nonprofit organizations.  We recognize that with even with a demonstrated professional, there is no guarantee that a grant application will be approved or that a fundraising event will be successful.  The only sure thing is that the professional consultant will be paid.  The only other service option for a nonprofit is to hire an in-house grant writer or development director.  However, a full time qualified individual is quite costly in terms of salary and benefits and generally a full time position is not warranted.

Aurora’s Solution
To assist our clients with establishing diverse and adequate funding sources, we have developed a grant writing/fundraising division.  Aurora can afford to work with our clients and offer initial grant writing and fundraising services at fees significantly less than market rates because other services leverage the cost of staff time.  Because we have many clients, we have enough grant writing and fundraising volume to hire full time professionals.

In this way, we hope to provide needed grant writing and fundraising expertise to our small to mid-sized nonprofit clients that could not otherwise afford this service. By understanding your financial needs, we can work with you to create and implement a development and fundraising plan that draws from diverse funding sources.

Services include: